Protesters try to drown out Daniels

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Thousands of union protesters were on hand for the State of the State address, and more than a dozen House Democrats were not.

Mitch Daniels devoted just six paragraphs of his speech to the right-to-work bill. Nevertheless, it's the issue that created a unique atmosphere for Tuesday night’s address.

From the beginning to the end of the governor's speech, union members opposed to the right to work bill yelled and chanted, at one point urging Democrats to leave, chanting: "Walk out, walk out."

The two dozen or so House Democrats who were there encouraged the noise.

"Every single one of them in there loved the beautiful music that they heard of democracy out here," said Rep. Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City.

While the governor never acknowledged the disruption, it was the hot topic for Republican leaders following the speech.

"I hope that we can return to a level of respect for our governor," said Senate President Pro Tem David Long, "whether you agree with the policies of the moment or not."

House Speaker Brian Bosma agreed.

"I did find it disrespectful to be booing and chanting during the governor's address," he said of the protestors, "but that's their choice."

On the other hand, Democratic leaders had little to say about the speech itself. They focused on the right-to-work issue and the GOP efforts to put it on a fast track in the General Assembly.

"So we're having Chinese democracy joined with a request for Chinese wages and Chinese benefits and Chinese work safety," said House Minority Leader Pat Bauer. "They want the whole package. We don't want that."

Some protesters were locked out of the building, and they were kept well away from the House chamber, where Daniels spoke Tuesday night, but they left the impression they came to make.

The House Democrats who showed up came despite the fact that they staged a walkout during the day. They also left as soon as the governor finished speaking so they could avoid a quorum call if the House speaker attempted one.

Speaker Bosma said he never considered it.

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If you would read sometime and look at the statistics, it show's you that it hasn't helped those states that passes RTW. What it does in reality, cuts wages from Licensed, certified and qualified workers out of their pay, benefits and training. It allows people that aren't qualified to do the work beside a Union worker that's had training, to do the same job for less pay and potentially cause a hazardous work environment, just to save a buck. These Union workers take classes, training and get certified on equipment each year and keep these certifications up to date. It doesn't bring new businesses here to Indiana, it just cuts wages to be able to put in place a cheaper helping hand. We need new businesses, but advertising your a RTW State isn't going to make them come any faster. It just tells them they can get cheap labor, just as our Governor has sold us to over Sea's companies that offer cheaper do I know..I was a State employee until my job was sold along with so many of my co-workers. I agree we need more jobs out there and everyone that wants to work should be able to get employment that they are qualified to do.
Mitch Daniels should embarrase you all. Took $150,000 from Tim Durham and refuses to return any of the money to the victims, He stated "The money is spent". Other ploticians returned money. Your man Mitch can careless its stolen money and people got hurt. MITCH= Its spent go away. By the way I have new book deal wnat to buy one? what a sad sack
The only reason union workers are complaining is because they're afraid people actually willing to work for their checks and benefits will take their jobs.
Union Bosses and thier thugs in action.. The tea Party would never do this next they will be doing this in Church
You are correct, in that, RTW will be a boon for Hoosiers. And it is a shame that we have these types who go in only to disrupt what ought to be a dignified meeting. THAT is how the dems operate however, and we all know this. THEY are the union thug, multiple voting, folks who run to Illionis rather than do the Peoples business like they`re paid to do.
Really? So if you are not actually intelligent enough to comprehend the issues, or hold an actual debate, act like the snotty nosed brats that these foos are, stomp your feet and cause a disruption. I am embarrassed to actually admit I live in Indiana when I see these redneck, teeth missing, gutter snipes on the news. Even the good old folks in Oklahoma voted for RTW, YEARS AGO.

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