Who's ahead in the race for mayor?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The issue of who is ahead in the race for mayor of Indianapolis depends on which campaign you ask. While each campaign touts polling numbers showing its candidate is ahead among likely voters, there has been no independent polling, until now.

The WISH-TV / Franklin College poll is the first and only independent poll to be conducted for the 2011 Indianapolis mayor’s race.

Previously, the only polling data available came from the Democrats and Republicans, who have no requirement to make their polls public. However, some political strategists say releasing private poll numbers could give the campaign an advantage and help increase political donations.

WISH-TV and Franklin College turned to EPIC-MRA to conduct the independent survey among registered voters in Marion County.

Part of the poll focuses on what issues are important to voters, says John Krull, the director of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism.

"This poll matters because it focuses attention on a part of the political equation that often gets overlooked -- the voters. This poll will help tell us what the voters care about and whether the candidates are responding to those needs. It will help journalists ask the right questions and that will help voters make their decisions," Krull said.

Conducted Between Oct. 29 and 31, the survey spoke with hundreds of eligible voters in Marion County.

The results of the Mayor's race will be available to be made public tonight at 11 p.m. on WISH-TV.

We also polled voters on other issues including temporary lifting the cap on state funds available for State Fair stage collapse victims as well as questions relating to our upcoming 2012 election. Those results will be released in subsequent days.

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Ballard may be well intentioned, but he lacks the sophisticated leadership this city needs. The whole Litebox fiasco shows that he knows little about economic development, at best. At worst, Ballard knew Litebox would never bring his promised 1100 jobs and the city would be lucky if its citizens didn't wind up investing in a sham company who has scammed numerous investors in other states. I expect more due diligence from the Mayor, and it really makes me doubt his claimed "15000 job commitments.". Litebox is just an example of the "commitments" he's counting.... I trust Kennedy. She's not over promising and is asking the right questions. She's willing to take on our education problems and doesn't hide behind the Mayor title claiming there's nothing she can do. She's honest and is looking to where the city can go, not just where it's been. I want more that nice pavement on Meridian street from my mayor.
I'm not thrilled with either one. I will vote for Ballard though because I think Kennedy learned too many bad habits while in the Peterson administration. Good riddance to Bart. Also I think her ads have been way too whiny and concentrated on picking nits off the Mayor instead of trying to explain any of her strengths (assuming she has any). She's been more about "The mayor stinks" and less about "Here's what I offer". Typical finger pointing liberal puke.
All I know is I'm not completely happy with everything Ballard has done. However, Kennedy has done nothing but spout lies during her entire campaign. I could never vote for a liar regardless of party.

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