Donnelly: Mourdock's comment was 'insulting to women, to rape victims and to their families'

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Wednesday morning Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Joe Donnelly addressed a comment made by Republican opponent Richard Mourdock during Tuesday evening's Indiana Senate Debate  that has made national headlines.

In an interview with 24-Hour News 8's sister station, WANE-TV, Donnelly said the comment Richard Mourdock made regarding when a woman becomes pregnant by rape did strike him as offensive in the moment.

"I thought it was shocking to say and a little bit later the Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, disavowed the comments as well," said Donnelly. "And today Mike Pence disavowed those comments and actually called on Mr. Mourdock to apologize."

The debate between Mourdock, Democrat Joe Donnelly, and Libertarian Andrew Horning was hitting the home-stretch when the issue of abortion seemingly overshadowed the entire night.

Mourdock made the controversial comment while answering a question about faith and how it relates to his view on abortion.

All candidates were asked how their faith plays a part in their views on abortion.

Mourdock and Donnelly said they believe life begins at conception.

Mourdock also said he supports an abortion only if the mother's life is at risk. He then made the comment that has been making headlines ever since:

"I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God," said Mourdock. "And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended it to happen."

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Mourdock's comment could have been better worded but it is true and not insulting to anyone. It is a fact of life that children are a creation of God and it is also a fact that children are created from this crime. The child is innocent of any wrong doing and don't deserve to be killed for absolutely no crime. What is insulting to all of us is a politician trying to use this statement for political gain after the apology. What is insulting is a set of media broadcasters that will twist and manipulate everything to support Obummer.
What's insulting to women, rape victims' and their families is when a bleeding heart LIEberal let's a rapist/murderer out after serving 5-8 years, denies these women the opportunity to defend themselves with draconian logic in relation to gun control. What's insulting (pointing at you, Mourdock)is either camp using rape as an issue to score political points. We need better choices. Not voting for commie Joe, not voting for a republiCON. Next. Couldn't cut it in the interview.
Wanna contribute something of substance, Commie Joe? What's your take on 2 dead federal agents, 3000 dead mexican citizens, Solyndra, Shore Bank, 191 trillion in unfunded government liabilities, does our government believe in protecting our embassies. You know, important stuff like a criminal investigation into a criminal administration. What Mourdock said was whack. What 0berry is doing is High Crimes. Note the difference in effect?

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