Superintendent race could be interesting

Dr. Tony Bennett

SUPERINTENDENT RACE: Indiana Republicans say the state superintendent, Dr. Tony Bennett, will start running TV ads next week. Bennett, of course, has taken a lot of heat from teachers and others for shaking up education in Indiana by backing measures like merit pay, school vouchers, and more testing in the name of increased accountability. The Republican has significantly outraised his opponent, Democrat Glenda Ritz, and should have a built-in advantage in this deep red state. No polling has been released, though the campaign reportedly has been doing some. The fact that Bennett’s hitting the airwaves, however, is a sign he’s not where he wants to be. As one Republican operative put it, “There’s a reason for going on the air.”

DEMS GETTING NERVOUS ON DONNELLY: Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Joe Donnelly has run a good, disciplined campaign against Republican Richard Mourdock in the battle to replace Richard Lugar. The past few weeks, most polls had shown Donnelly with a narrow lead. But the onslaught of commercials from outside groups opposing Donnelly, along with Mourdock’s considerable financial advantage, may be taking their toll. A new poll from Rasmussen gives Mourdock a five-point edge.

The race is still competitive and within Donnelly’s reach, but Democrats are concerned. They’re happy that Lugar refuses to campaign for or formally endorse Mourdock and would love for him to endorse Donnelly, but doubt that will happen. It appears Lugar will instead be out of the country and remain out of sight altogether during the home stretch of this election.


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It is not just the teachers who are unhappy with Dr. Bennett's idea of educational reform. I am a parent of four children in public schools and I am appalled at the drastic changes Dr. Bennett and our governor/legislature have pushed through in education. In the name of "accountability", they push test after test. Once there was a time to truly engage children in making a little diorama about a book that they had read or doing a hands-on project to immerse them in creativity and processing literature. Now they fill in bubbles in fear that their schools will be taken over by the state or their teachers will be deemed "ineffective." The grading system of schools is on a curve, my fellow citizens.. guaranteeing a third to be inadequate on the bottom. If you set them up to fail, do you really have educational improvement in mind? IF you fail children in third grade based on a 40 question test in "reading", do you really have that child's best interests in mind when he or she may have been up all night in a domestic violence situation or have had nothing to eat for breakfast? The teacher would know what is going on, but it is now the STATE who gets to decide. We are losing our local control over this most precious human endeavor.. education. My children's teachers know my kids, know their abilities, can assess where they are.. and Dr. Bennett sees only quantifiable data. I'm voting for Glenda Ritz. And, as Mike Pence has in mind a pass or fail the entire grade MATH test like I-READ.. I am voting for John Gregg. Turn off your TV, people and research these races.

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