Obama trumpets rebound of US auto industry

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is hailing the rebound of the U.S. auto industry, pointing to progress since his administration rescued General Motors and Chrysler.

Obama says in his weekly radio and Internet address that auto sales are the highest they've been in more than four years and the industry has created nearly a quarter of a million new jobs.

Obama frequently cites GM and Chrysler as a success story for his campaign. Automakers are large employers in Ohio, one of the key battleground states being contested by Obama and Republican Mitt Romney.

Markwayne Mullin, an Oklahoma Republican running for Congress, says in the GOP address that the Obama administration has pushed regulations that make it difficult for businesses.

He says the economy "doesn't need more meddling — it needs more certainty."



Obama address: www.whitehouse.gov

GOP address: http://tinyurl.com/9zhygh7

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What liberals never want to discuss is, what would have happened to gm and chrysler had the tax payer not have been forced to bail them out and pay for their horrid business practices. The sky would not have fallen, but there would have been a structured bankruptcy. The doors would not have closed, but the auto makers would have had to work with their creditors to square up their accounts, then they would have carried on their business, in a leaner, smarter business model. Instead, we subsidized their poor business decisions, and the union thugs who do as little as possible while making ridiculous pay. If you were for the government owning these two auto makers, you`re a part of what`s wrong in America today. No one is too big to fail, and it`s unconstitutional, and immoral for all this debt to be added to our already out of control national debt. And before even one liberal starts the lie, NO, we`ve NOT been paid back our money yet, and likely never will be. This POS in the White House is as corrupt and criminal as anyone who`s ever pulled a mask over his face and shoved a gun into his pocket.

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