Obama: Romney trying 'to cloud' abortion stance

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says Mitt Romney's recent remark about not having abortion on his agenda is an attempt "to cloud" his rival's position on the issue. Obama says he had a "bad night" in last week's debate with Romney but says the fundamentals of the election did not change.

Obama offered his critique of Romney and his reassurance about the election in an interview with ABC News.

Romney told The Des Moines Register this week that he would not pursue abortion-related legislation if elected president.

Obama says Romney's answer was an example of Romney, in Obama's words, "hiding positions he's been campaigning on for a year and a half."

The president adds that Romney believes it is appropriate for politicians to inject themselves into women's health care decisions.

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What convoluted logic. Liberals believe unless we`re going to feed, house and care for children for their mothers, we shouldn`t be concerned whether they`re slaughtered in the womb. What an ignorant prespective. It would be like us saying to liberals, unless you`re going to feed, care for, and house the animals on death row, they shouldn`t care whether they`re put to death. Why do liberals hate America and all our freedoms?
Funny how Conservatives are fast on the draw when it comes to down to abortion issues. But when the baby is born, and among the living, they don't want to provide for its hospital bills, education, food, housing,or medical needs! Hide the wallet!If they had their way, it would leave the wealthy with their out of country "vacations" for ONLY the wealthy to get their abortion and leave the poor to fend for themselves in back alleys, like days of the past! Plenty of compassion for the unborn but none for the already living!
Nothing to "cloud" here. odumba is all for the slaughter of the unborn, Romney is not. Even a liberal should be able to grasp the obvious difference.

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