Candidates square off in governor race

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The three candidates in the Indiana governor’s race will square off in the first of three debates on Wednesday night.

Ahead of the debate, neither major party candidate has offered many specifics about what he’ll do if elected.

Democrat John Gregg is behind in the polls, trailing Republican Mike Pence by 13 points.

According to 24-Hour News 8 political reporter Jim Shella, Hoosier voters will likely see a more aggressive debate from John Gregg, similar to his commercials.

“It's going to be difficult for us. Congressman Pence is a professional media person by background,” Gregg said. “I think if I can show Hoosier voters that I actually understand Indiana and have a good grasp of state issues, we'll do OK.”

Mike Pence, Shella said, will likely stick to his tactic of not offering specifics.

Pence will, however, remind voters that Mitch Daniels has done a good job while in office, and he intends to pick up where Daniels left off.

“This election is about a choice for the people of Indiana that's maybe one of the most important in my lifetime in and around politics,” Pence said. “This is a choice of whether we're going to continue on the path that we're on in Indiana, a path of fiscal responsibility, economic growth, education reform or whether we're going to go back.”

Libertarian candidate Rupert Boneham will also participate in the debate.

He has said previously that he'll fight for no tax increases and marriage equality.

The debate will air live on WISH-TV at 7 p.m. and Cast your vote after the debate to indicate who you think won. Text ingov2012 to 36729 to vote — you'll be prompted with voting options.

The next debate is scheduled for Wed., Oct. 17; the final debate is scheduled for Thurs., Oct. 25.

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Just watched the debate, and it was extremely telling. Pence, as I had hoped he would, stated that odumbacare must be repealed. Gregg made two statements which tell you exactly where he`s coming from and what he`s about. First he said that health care is a RIGHT, not a privilege. Later, he stated that if you are an extremist he`s NOT your candidate. So, Gregg says, in effect, that believing that health care a right, is not extreme. Unbelievable. Taking my money, and your money, to "redistribute" it for someone elses health care is not extreme. If you want a nanny government, who, like New York will shortly tell you may not have a 32 oz. soda, because after, the government is now paying your health care costs, then by all means, vote for "the man with two first names running for governor". If you want a smaller, less intrusive government, vote for Mike Pence, as I most certainly will be.
I am very surprised by reporter Stacy Hayes comment that Mike Pence does not give specifics on his plans for Indiana. It is very apparent she has never looked at Mike Pence's Roadmap for Indiana. I don't know how he could be more specific other than giving times and addresses. Let's try to stick with the facts. Mike Pence has been lauded all over the country for his VERY specific plan.

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