Soundbites from the first presidential debate

(LIN) — Miss the debate last night and wonder what all of the chatter is about this morning? Here's a quick rundown of key soundbites during the debate.

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Said very little? Are you sure you don`t have Romney and the other guy confused? Romney gave clear, concise answers to the questions, while the other guy looked confused and uncertain, and only offered the same old sound-bite type rhetoric. No substance, no depth, just the same old "feel good", empty, say-nothing garbage. It`s clear, Romney has a solid grasp of not only the issues, but of practical approaches to solutions to the problems that are weakening and dragging America down. How can anyone want another four years of aimlessly drifting in a sea of mediocrity and failure? It was refreshing to finally not hear about how all this was someone elses fault, and instead, hear about what we can do to actually move forward. And it was Romney who had the plan for moving forward, not the other guy.
Many people say Mr. Romney won the debate. I don't agree. He was more energetic and smiled a lot but said very little. I have been watching the candidates for months and have been waiting for him to give details. On 60 minutes he did not when directly asked. He was asked last night in the debate. The American people are not stupid, we want details of your plans. The crisis this nation was under will not recover in 4, 8 or 12 years.

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