Poll shows Donnelly ahead of Mourdock

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The matchup between Democrat Joe Donnelly and Republican Richard Mourdock has been tight from the beginning and nothing has changed.

The Howey / DePauw Battleground poll, a joint venture by Democratic pollster Fred Yang and Republican pollster Christine Matthews, gives Donnelly a two point lead, 40 percent to 38 percent.

Libertarian Andy Horning gets 7 percent in the poll as some Lugar Republicans see him as an alternative to Mourdock .

The poll shows Mourdock 14 points behind fellow Republican Mitt Romney and nine points behind Mike Pence in terms of overall support. Joe Donnelly's campaign likes the result.

"He has a more favorable rating and Richard Mourdock has a Republican problem," says campaign spokeswoman Elizabeth Shapell . "So, we're seeing the environment necessary for Joe to be successful on Election day."

Mourdock also suffers from a gender gap, possible motivation for this appearance in the Indy Style kitchen. He expects the race to be close to the end.

"We know we're going to be working till 6 p.m . in the Central time zones of Indiana on Election Day," says Mourdock . "We're very confident we're gonna win this race, very confident."

But the poll also shows that Republicans are still a stronger party in Indiana and that's why Donnelly keeps distancing himself from fellow Democrats.

"I am the sixth most conservative Democrat in the entire House of Representatives," he says. "I have a very independent voting record."

The poll shows that 15 percent of Indiana voters still haven't decided on Donnelly or Mourdock . It has a margin of error of 3.5 percent and that means that, statistically, this race is a dead heat.

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It is a myth that klinton left a surplus, and you people will never listen to reason, because you lack critical reasoning skills. And seriously? You need a bullet-point list of all the ways your messiah is a traitor? I don`t have time to list them all, but briefly, a few are; Sued Arizona in an attempt to keep them from protecting their citizens and enforce Sovereign law, that the feds refuse to enforce. Sued Florida, in an attempt to keep them from removing dead and illegal voters from their rolls. Circumvented the Congress by ordering the DOJ to immediately cease deporting young illegals. Trampled the Constitution by cramming his socialist/marxist government run healthcare plan down our throats. Helped shape, and signed into law, the NDAA, which allows the jack-booted thugs to indefinitely detain Americans, without due process. There are many, many, many more points which make this diseased POS a traitor to the United States. I look forward to the day he is impeached and tried for crimes against America. I only hope they still hang traitors.
hunter480, How exactly is The President of The United States traitorous? Oh he doesn't agree with your 1950's view of America? I noticed you didn't have a smart a** come back about Clinton leaving office with a surplus that Bush blew through in no time. Your initial comment in this thread was about the nation being crippled with debt. As I responded it was the Republicans who put the country into this current crisis. As I also mentioned it takes a lot longer to clean up this mess than it did to cause it. And YOU are the POS!! I'm truly going to enjoy thinking of how angry you're going to be when PRESIDENT OBAMA wins in November!!!
@alltate, you`re exactly right, you`re not a traitor simply because your political views differ from mine. You`re a traitor because you endorse and support the socialist/marxist traitorous POS in the White House. And that sad liberal line about "unfunded wars" is really wearing thin. Have we ever saved up before we fought a fight that needed to be fought? And, so sorry, but even your messiah stated that if he didn`t have the economy turned around in three years, that his was a one-term propostition. THAT is likely the ONLY thing the POS was right about in four years.
hey hunter480, just because I don't believe the same as your political views does not make me a traitor. So dramatic!! And, uh, when Bill Clinton left office the country had a surplus. However Bush gave tax breaks to the wealthy and along with 2 unfunded wars he handed off a debt to Obama. If you've ever cleaned house you should realize that it takes longer to clean up someone's messs than it did to create that mess.
It is inconceivable that anyone with an independent mind could vote for Mourdock and his warped tea party values. If Donnelly can turn this over it will be shocking given the base that Lugar built (and the margins by which Pence and Romney will probably win the state) but will reflect well on Hoosiers and their sense of what is basically right. Tea Party Republicans threw the equivalent of a pick 6 when they worked so hard to jettison a loyal stalwart and if Donnelly is spiking the ball in the end zone on November 7th they will only have themselves to blame.
This is what happens when Republicans throw one of their own under the bus. And Richard Lugar, no less. Given the choice between the (perceived) radical Mourdock and the (perceived) centrist Donnelly, I don't know what other poll result the Indiana GOP could have expected. There's still about a month until the election. Don't like it Mr. Mourdock? Then get out there and prove to the Independents that you didn't really mean the things you were quoted as saying. Give Independents and former Lugar supporters a reason to think that you might actually drop the bravado and represent Hoosiers.
Anyone who can continue to vote for the liberal agenda we`ve seen nearly cripple the nation with debt the last four years, is a traitor.

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